Show & Tell: Southern India 2

A lady weaves offerings outside a temple in Chennai

India is all over the flower trend

Bins in Chennai are commonly animal-shaped. These bunny bins freak me the hell out.

Ganesh watches over the hotel.

After dark, Marina Beach in Chennai comes alive with games and food stalls.

Marsala Dosa: rice pancake with chutneys and curries. Honestly, the best. Tricky to eat with just your right hand though!

Park cow. Of course.


Another tourist at another temple (Temple of the 5 Chariots, Mamallappuram).

Children play all over the temple, Mamallappuram.

EVERYONE wants a photo with me. Must be fabulous.

Temple of the 5 Chariots.

Locals outside the gates wanted photos and to shake hands. Now, they know how to do a selfie.

Love the kids.

Shore temple, Mamallappuram.

Shore Temple, Mamallappuram.

Mamallappuram beach. PB on shell-finding.

This is at Auroville. More to come on this.... village (/cult.)




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