Bienvenido a Miami

Date: 17 April 2017

Location: A cab from Miami International Airport.

These are my first impressions of Miami, from the plane, at the airport and in the back of a cab, as scrawled down in the back of said cab.

Ooh, pretty coastline.

That's the Everglades! Chomp chomp.

Good coffee. Huh. Unexpected.

Oh my goddddd, why is the pound so weak?

Oh, yeah: Brexit. Well, at least it's not Trump! Glad to see they've done away with having the portrait of the Presudent at all US airports. Co-incidence?

Palm trees, right on cue.

Crap, I really struggle with these Latino accents. Did she say…?

What is 'Dade'?

Wow, could I ever get used to eating empanadas!

Is the patch between the airport and the city the same in literally every city?

It's raining. How am I meant to get an envy-inflicting tan now?

I'm staying across the road from a giant shopping centre.

Damn you, GBP.

More palm trees.

Whew this is a lot of Pitbull.

Why does everyone say 'dale!'?




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