Alrighty then.

Date: 29 May 2015.

Location: on my couch, impatiently waiting for Turkish takeaway, which I sense shall be rubbish. Like the last few. Does anyone — anyone — know a good Levantine / Ottoman / Middle Eastern restaurant that delivers in East London?

“It’s a stress headache, so you should drink your wine.” Forget doctors, see Twiggy for medical advice. Our resident medical expert tops up Paris’s wineglass. We’re having some therapeutic wines following a stressful Friday evening shop. No amount of Pinot Grigio can quite dull the painfully fresh memory of Oxford Street shopping on a Friday night. Everyone’s tired but the afternoon sunshine had called for something more celebratory than heading straight home — and House of Fraser was having a sale. Plus, we have things to scheme.

The Planeteer arrives Sunday to spend a month in Oxford and we want to show her a good time on her one weekend in London. What will be to her taste? A bottomless brunch of mimosas and eggs on Upper Street; a homecooked prosecco-filled breakfast at Twiggy and Kat’s place? Cool wines with the sleek ponies of Sloane Square; bison grass vodkas with the hipsters in neon-lit Shoreditch? Cozy Sunday roasts brimming with gravy and cheer in a dark Islington pub; afternoon ales in a sunny, green-filtered Beer garden with the freshly-showered, lipsticked Sunday set?

I technically have flights booked to and from Romania next weekend — and holiday leave to match — but I’m likely to trade in my leave and stick around in London. Not only will The Planeteer be down, but Kennedy’s sister will be here and there’s a polo match on and Feild Day festival is happening. Its not as though I risk getting bored. Romania will have to stay on the list a little longer. I’m longing to see Transylvannia and take a dip with the sparkly eurotrash in the Black Sea, but they’ve stood for centuries and can stand a little longer. To mollify my wanderlust I remind myself that we’ve already booked in Ibiza in August and Oktoberfest in Munich in September. Tentatively booked in are Croatia or Greece for a sailing trip, Copenhagen, Edinburgh for the Fringe. Then there’s Henley and Ascot here in the next few weeks. Dukes, lock up your sons. Reiss, lock up your dresses.

Speaking of: Legally Blonde went on her first Bumble date last night — and it ended with a kiss. I’m very proud.

In other London event news, summer theatre in Regent’s Park has kicked off. I mention this only because I went to internet transfer money for tickets to Paris and typed in the payment description ‘Peter Pan’ and had to giggle when I noticed the last transfer I’d made to her had the description ‘Harry Potter’ for when she paid for our Warner Bros. studios tour. We are terrible adults.

There is precious little else to report this week. Work eats me alive, and I let it. The Journalist acts like my boyfriend, and I let him. Sunny London tries to tease us out of the house in progressively fewer clothes, and we let it.

I have thinking to do.



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