Quantum entanglement

Date: 10 April 2015.

Location: the train from London Kings Cross to Leeds.

Prepare for me to be on remarkably good behaviour for two weeks, starting tomorrow. (Sorry!)

Tomorrow, Saturday, marks the arrival of my mother. The Sunday after marks her departure — and the arrival of my dad. I’m fairly certain my parents don’t know how close they’re going to come to crossing paths in Heathrow Terminal 3. Not sure I’ll tell them.

If this was romcom, they’d discover the fact when they were both waiting in line at Costa Coffee. Mum (played by Emma Thompson), would be waiting to check in and dad (played by Tom Selleck) would have just arrived and found himself in need of a coffee before braving the Heathrow Express. They’d catch up over a hot beverage and perhaps get back together, or at least have a good discussion about their favourite eldest daughter (played by Anna Kendrick, obviously). But life doesn’t actually work like that, and nor should it.

It goes without saying (And 99% of the reason I say it is to and confusion or offence in my parents, who are occasional readers) that I’m excited to have both parents here, though I’m nervous it may bring on a bout of homesickness. That malady has not yet surfaced. And disputes, it might bring them too. Perhaps I’ll just keep them both pleasantly tipsy for a week each?

You know, I never re-read these entries. I haven’t re-visited a single one, though I’ve flipped through the beautiful, photo-rich bound book of India entries with which dad and his fiancée presented me last October.

However, I’m about to go back to read entry number 1 in quiet, private celebration — because tomorrow is its birthday. This blog is about to turn one year old.

‘Oh what a year..’, ‘It’s hard to believe how…’ ‘When I started this I never expected..’ Kidding. I’ll spare you the self-indulgent navel-gazing reflection an anniversary often inspires. Such things generally hold value only for the reflector herself, and I’m perfectly capable of such musings without an audience.



3 responses to “Quantum entanglement

  1. Hi Alex Congrats on a year of amusing, reflective, wildly entertaining, revealing, educational, colourful, personal and sometimes a little scary blogs. I have read and loved them all. If I can be so bold as to speak on behalf of your wider audience, please keep them coming.

    Love Liz Lack xx


  2. Happy birthday to your blog! Totally jealous of your movie family — Tom Selleck and Emma Thompson really would make the greatest fictional parents.

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