Bunky gets her say: The not at all definitive list of 20 things Bunky-related, from being on a pig roll to being a Remus fangirl

Date: 1 October. Location: Three Bags Full, Abbotsford. Now? Sunshine. Later today? Rainstorms forecast. Thank you kindly Melbourne, Australia. It was only a matter of time, I suppose, before Bunky — a regular cast member — demanded her right of reply. And so, without further ado, I give you Bunky’s guest piece, part one of two.


Admittedly, I am only a “sometimes” reader of this blog, mostly, I think, for my own protection. I fear what is written about me. I fear that my friend may write things about me that I don’t agree with, don’t believe, don’t want my mum to read (hi mum!). Most of all, I am afraid of opinions that that might scar our friendship. That’s the risk people take dabbling in this technologically entangled world, where people share their lives so intimately, yet also so hidden, behind a screen. The catalyst behind this piece was, in helping Alex determine whether she may have mortally offended someone in a post, my coming across her opinion that I have been in hibernation throughout winter. My hyped-up outrage has resulted in my own piece – what a win! So, I’m using this opportunity to be completely narcissistic and write about myself. Here is a not at all definitive list of 20 things Bunky-related that may, or may not, be reflected in the words on these pages from my completely accurate, and not at all biased, point of view:

  1. I am a routine person- I eat the same breakfast (out of the same Tupperware container no less. I once had to skip breakfast for two weeks when my container mysteriously went MIA) and same lunch every working day and I never get bored of it.
  2. I love to exercise- that feeling when you are fit and strong and your tummy doesn’t do the wobble [Ed. note: Refer to tales from Houston, Texas.] when you move is amazing. Winter and other such distractions are currently pointing and laughing at this assessment of myself.
  3. I am good at organising events and herding the mob, however I hate it when no one else steps up to the plate.
  4. I am confident. I’m not sure if this is a product of growing up in an extremely encouraging household where nothing was ever deemed out of reach or if its just a character flaw, but I truly think I can do most things if I set my mind to it, whether its going for a job or riding 220 kilometres without training (yep, that’s happening, wish me luck interwebs!)
  5. I am the eldest of three. Growing up we were a tight family and did a lot of stuff together. Mum was always there for us and dad was my netball, basketball, swimming coach (and #1 supporter!). My parents divorced when I was 25 and I still feel like a piggy in the middle, assuaging feelings, mediating parties. I don’t think my brother or sister share this burden. Its funny to think we were once a family unit.
  6. I’m not particularly good at it, but I love doing arty things, painting, cutting, gluing, drawing, assembling, I like it all.
  7. I am successful at my job, and am always praised for my work, however I know I don’t push myself even close to my real capability. I think the primary reason for my borderline lacklustre attitude is because, unabashedly, I think I’m generally smarter than other people.
  8. I want red wine to be my friend, but it rarely is. I also want fireball to be my friend. We are solid frenemies.
  9. I am pigheaded and stubborn, sometimes about stupid things, but when I get on a pig roll, I’m unstoppable.
  10. I met the majority of my friends who I see on a regular basis in kindergarten. I don’t know if I was just really good at friend choosing back then or simple proximity over many a decade has kept us all together, but whatever it is, it worked. I am fiercely loyal to my friends, but if I feel like I have been treated unfairly, taken for granted or the friendship seems one sided I can be unshakeably cold and dismissive.
  11. My inner monologue often runs beserk. It can talk me into some crazy stuff which somehow always seems totally legit at the time.
  12. I told a boy I love him, and I know he loves me back.
  13. I am addicted to pepsi max (no jokes).
  14. I always come out as an extrovert on those test thingys but I’m pretty sure I’m a borderline introvert: time by myself, in my pj’s, a cup of tea (or a pmax if I’m being fully honest) and the remote control is bliss.
  15. I have an unnatural love for my bike. It is my favourite possession.
  16. The concept of casual clothes is alien to me. I only have two dress modes- dressed up and sporty slob.
  17. Singing in the car brings me unbridled joy. It’s in those moments I wonder how I’m not a pop star yet? [Ed. note: I have some idea why.]
  18. Travel excites me. I love meeting new people, seeing different cultures, eating local food and being outdoors.
  19. I read a lot of books, but Harry Potter is still my all time favourite. I heart Remus Lupin 4eva.
  20. I definitely don’t consider myself a grown up. More of an independent child. As I get older though, I understand more and more that my friends are also my family- I have a great group who are always there for me, who I love to be around and would do anything for. Pretty lucky really. 

Bunky, out.

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