Date: 20 August.

Location: Floppy and relaxed and waiting for Miss Chu's Vietnamese takeaway after 75 minutes of yin yoga. A note on yin yoga while we're here. If you haven't tried it and are a yogi, or not a yogi, meditate, don't meditate, have any form of body stiffness, run every day, only ever run for the tram, only run your coffee machine, are super fit or strictly use your Lululemons on your couch, yin yoga is for you. You know when your alarm goes off but you have the luxury of lounging in bed for a while, stretching and waking up those crunchy morning muscles? Take an hour of that and that's basically a yin yoga class. Poses are usually on the floor and are always held for upwards of a minute and a half, meaning that the practice deeply stretches and, while it's not terribly physically demanding, it certainly works up a mental sweat. Tonight, I looked up during class and was taken straight and fast down memory lane to nap time at kindergarten. The instructor was perched on the stage, cross legged, radiantly beaming over her silent, soft-limbed charges liked a proud teacher. It's bliss.


Oh, the things you do when you're unemployed and can't quite stomach shelling out $150 on grooming necessities.

My waxing salon sends me the occasional text. This week I received one about free supervised waxing by their trainee. Normally, this would be swiftly deleted with a swipe. But my, ahem, grooming needs were in, um, need so in a impulsive 'what the hell' moment, I booked in.

When I walked into the salon my cheerfully impulsive 'what the hell' moment turned into a wary 'what the hellll' moment when I was greeted by the friendly face of my local salon owner and the words, “Look, thanks so much for being our model”.

Model?! I don't even particularly like posing for photos of my face.

I'll spare you the details. Suffice to say that when the salon owner burst into the treatment room almost an hour later, unannounced, to 'check' on her trainee, I was actually relieved — despite being in the sort of compromising position where you're barely comfortable with one fully-clothed person being in the room with you, let alone two.

Also, I will never need to try naked yoga (just in case I'd ever been inclined to) because I kind of feel like I've done it now.

Moral of the story: just pay for waxing.




4 responses to “B-A-N-A-N-A-S

  1. Loving the variety of the blog Alex. Have been reading them out to Chris on long drives and had a few LOL moments. So very entertaining and fun to hear what you of much leisure time are doing. Liz x

    Liz Lack. Sent from my iPad


  2. Haha hilarious! I thank god I had laser while I was employed (I am also a LOL or Lady of Leisure) at the moment. It saves me from situations like this and gives me the time to be able to read about your experiences with them! I may try a yin class tomorrow, I wish there was more of them on the timetable!

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