She had come unstuck in time

Date: 26 July.

Location: my couch, white wine in hand, killing time before the cab gets here.

Sleep. How long has it been since you’ve been able to sleep, entirely unimpeded, at the time and for the duration you really want? Maybe uni days? But even then, you probably lived with others, or at home, and had some early-riser types judging you and your sloth-ier tendencies. Right now, these days, I could sleep all day if I so chose. I have no job to go to, no housemate to look askance at me.

Naturally, this is terribly dangerous. It took me about a week of slothy sleepins/bottomless pots of tea and books in bed until mid-mornings to realise that if you approach every day as a Sunday you (a) get tired of Sundays, (b) start to think of brunch as a meal in which you should indulge every day, and (c) never get anything done.

In order to feel useful (inbetween trying to determine which recruiters want to match me to a great role and which just can’t wait to send me to an unpronounceable city in the Middle East simply to fulfil a brief — no mean feat, I assure you) I’ve developed a long list of ‘projects’ I want to accomplish while I job hunt:

Literary: I have an impressve stack of books to read. Mostly, it consists of the books you feel you should have read (and lie about having read at snotty, intellectual cocktail parties) and books which have been gathering dust on — and sending me beseeching looks from — my bookshelf for some time now. This project is progressing well. I’ve read and adored Slaugterhouse 5, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, The Kite Runner, An Introduction a To Game Theory and Quiet. The other, much longer, ‘to read’ list includes Crime And Punishment, Mrs Dalloway, assorted Dickens, Public Enemies, The Golden Bowl, Bringing Up The Bodies.

Romantic: Date more. Date fewer idiots. Get better at picking an idiot from ten paces.

Photographic: I snap photos on my phone, my iPad, my Nikon DSLR and my Polaroid camera. This is totally great as I have a long stream of candid photos from the last few years. This is a total nightmare as I have a long stream of candid photos from the last few years. Well and truly in the thousands. The plan is to organise my dreaded, chaotic, terrifying iPhoto library.

Feline: I want to teach my cat how to fetch.

Yogic: Nail that damn Crow Pose. Breathe deeply more.

Culinary: Learn how to use that slow cooker in the cupboard to make things that actually taste good. Proud to say that my slow cooker pulled pork is now a total dream.

Athletic: Run 5km comfortably.

Exploration: Try some new breakfast places. Branch out from the scrambled eggs at Fifty Acres.

Reading over this list just now I am acutely aware that some items are more meritorious than others. But then, some are just more fun.




3 responses to “She had come unstuck in time

  1. These are all excellent goals, except teaching your cat to fetch, which cold be an exercise in frustration. Am willing to help with “Exploration”.

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