“What do you want for lunch?” “Wine.”

Date: 9 July

Location: Nama Nama Japanese restaurant, sitting outside and pretending that, because it’s sunny, it must be warm.

Someone mentioned to me other day that my travel blog ‘didn’t have an ending’. Point taken but, as I haven’t died or gotten married, there just isn’t one. Yet, anyway. In the meantime, I’m lost.

If someone could please pay me to travel to amazing places that scare me and write about the experiences I could do that. Alternatively I expect you’ll find me slotting into some big, international corporate in their legal team and sniffing out ways to travel extensively. I pray you don’t find me back in a law firm. Of any description.

This week has been a chimera of contrasting experiences. I’ve had half days in the city for recruiter and prospective employer meetings, polished from my coiffed top to my patent peep toes. (Ok, not actually peep-toes. That sounds nice in that sentence, but it’s too bloody cold here so in reality it’s been boots and brogues.) Then I arrive home, crank up my rusty heaters, take off everything I’m wearing that is (a) nylon, silk or leather, (b) prine to crease or (c) is not made of tracksuit material or Ugg boot and lie on the couch writing or reading or Googling nebulous and beautiful concepts such as ‘how to work at yoga retreat Nepal’ or ‘Trans-Siberian train journey’ or ‘how to start a Paleo cafe’.

Oh, and I’ve been doing hot yoga daily. Man, I am so bendy.

To the best that I can tell so far, nothing much has changed in Melbourne since I’ve been gone.

Bunky has a new boyfriend which is exciting. More so for her then me, obviously — however, her previous boyfriends have just kind of appeared by her side without her ever asking them too or especially caring whether they vanished back into the slipstream. I feel like this one — a little older, as maniacal about fitness as she is, gentle and very independant — is different. He has such a great name that I don’t even want to give him a nickname. Though, as I don’t particularly wish for this to pop up on the next occasion he Googles himself, I will.

The Twin is also seeing someone new. Details are scarce at this point (she doesn’t want to ‘jinx it’) but I suspect that she met him on Tinder. Odd that there’s still a whiff of shame about meeting someone on Tinder, as literally everyone freely admits to (brags about, even) having it on their iPhone. Everyone also has one horror story to tell, and one Happily Ever After story to tell.

So, is love in the air?

Or is it just really cold in everyone’s beds this Melbourne winter?



3 responses to ““What do you want for lunch?” “Wine.”

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  2. I fell behind in your blog and am playing catch up. I’m glad you’re still blogging because this is hilarious. Well, really, the one about this Centrelink place, but the rest of it is good, too!

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